Friday, 13 March 2015

Thoughts from Rudy and Jocelyn Ratzlaff

What a privilege to participate in a fourth youth trip. Every trip has been a great blessing to both of us (Jocelyn & Rudy). We have experienced God at work in many amazing ways: in the planning and fundraising for the trips, in the drive/train ride down, in the shared experiences in Mexico and San Diego, the answers to some crazy prayers (e.g. rescue from a police situation and the ocean) plus the return trip as well. We are blessed to be in the presence of many youth grow as they grow in the grace and knowledge of or Saviour Jesus Christ; we watch how the youth willstep far out of their comfort zones in trusting God’s ways and be forever changed,set apart and encouraged to become servants of the most high King. We have been heartened and blessed by the people in Mexico, probably more than they realize, and probably more than we have blessed them.

We therefore look forward to this trip with the anticipation of getting to know our Almighty God at a higher level, we get to realize God at work in our youth and in the people we serve in Mexico. We recognize that God is far ahead of our plans. Godreally, really does have the whole world in his loving hands.

Thank you Living Hope CRC and friends for making this trip possible once again, for encouraging us so much in word and in deed and for praying for us. May the Lord richly reward all of you for showing us so much love!

Rudy & Jocelyn

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