Sunday, 22 March 2015

March 22, Day 3 :: church & orientation!

Well, this morning was an interesting morning to say the least.  We did not get to the base until 3.54am.  We were shown our rooms, divided our luggage, and found comfort on nice beds in warm rooms.  Some slept a bunch, some struggled to get down.  A little later on, we gathered for breakfast/brunch at 10.00am.  Following breakfast, we jumped into the vans, and headed for church. 

We came to a church called "La Roca" - a very lively church, filled with a passionate people worshiping our Creator.  The songs being sung, were all in Spanish - two songs we actually knew, and were able to sing along with, "Forever" and "Trading My Sorrows."  When the pastor got up on stage, we were delighted to hear that he would preach in English, and it would be translated for the rest of the congregation. 

The message was an amazing reminder of 1 John 4:19 - "We love because he first loved us" - and because He loves us, we are then able to love each other (not making it easy though), which is the starting point to seeing Heaven expand here on earth.  It was a message that gave us some gumption and energy to face our coming week.

outside of the church
At the end of the service, the pastor's wife got up on stage for some announcements that we didn't understand - but then she turned to us and said "thank you for coming here, and being an example to us."  We were struck by her words - that we were an example to them ... it caused a few of us to stop and really reflect upon what we are really doing.  It was a humbling experience. 

After church, we were taken to a taco stand for lunch.  I think I speak for the team when I say that we Canadians do not know how to make tacos.  What we had, is not what we make.  The pork taco's were EPIC.  I had three, and then had to try the beef one.

Afterwards, we got some ice cream at the new DQ in town.  That seemed a little odd. 

We arrived back at the base around 3.00pm, and then started our orientation.  We had a better chance to meet our YWAM staff, Michelle, Josh, & Gena - three pretty cool people.  They told us a little about life here on the base, and a little more about the Mexican culture around us.

We then 'practiced' (i.e. hacked through) some simple dance moves for some kids songs to use at ministry sites. 
'practicing' dance moves on the field.

After some free time, we had dinner, and then went to the evening session.  Each night will end like that - some singing, and maybe some get-to-know-each-other-games, followed by a time of teaching - that surrounds the theme of UNBOUND. 

a rather large fire pit
Each day, we close as a team, tonight was around a fire - and talk about our highs and lows of the day (favorite and least favorite moments).  Most high moments were centered around our church experience this morning, the tacos, and getting to know each other.  Most low points leaned towards fatique (due to travel), and related aches and pains.

Quiet time has begun at the base - 10.00pm - everyone has to be in their rooms.

Prayer requests ...
1. Restful & rejuvenating sleep.
2. Tomorrow, we're going to do some work at a men's recovery home - some of us are a little uncomfortable with that.  Pray that we'll be given what we stand in need of - and moreso, that we will recognize what we're given.
3.  Continued opening up of our hearts and minds to the Lord's leading. 

Thanks all for you support and prayers!



  1. Wow, what a jam packed day on very little sleep! We are definitely praying for all of you.

  2. Awesome!
    I'm getting emotional just reading your words.
    Praying for you all, be amazing examples of Christlike love!!!