Wednesday, 25 March 2015

March 25, Day 6 :: build day #1

Hola everybody back at home! It’s Kaitlyn here and I am the one who was asked to talk about our day today. We woke up bright and early (aka- 7:30) and started the day off with a nice big breakfast here at the YWAM base. After that, we had our devotional time in the soccer field. It’s always a great time to think about what kinds of things God has planned for us that day and to ask him what he wants us to think about throughout the day. 

setting up at the build site
Right after we finished our devotions, we packed up and got in the vans to go to the build site of the Homes of Hope house we were going to build for a Mexican family that didn’t have a safe place to call home. After getting lost a bit in the busy Mexican streets, we finally got there and were able to meet the family. 

Now before we get into the actual build, here’s a bit of info on the family. The dad’s name is Victor and he has had quite a few health issues in the past. He has also had many operations on his lungs. Because of this, he is not able to work and the mom has to support the family with her small income that comes from making tamales and selling them. The mom’s name is Elda. They also have 2 children named Victor and Eevana. They’re 14 and 11. So you can imagine that with that small income that their mother makes, they don’t have the time or the money to buy or rent a house for themselves. The only downside is that they do not speak a stitch of English so I better start practicing my Spanish! With that info, lets get back into building the house. 

two long walls, getting plywood
When we got there, we went over a lot of safety instructions as well as prayed with the family. The mom started crying when she was talking to us because she was so happy and I got to admit, I almost cried as well. And that was big cause I’m not a crier! Anyways, we got going quickly after that and started nailing, painting, hammering, cutting wood and many, many other things. It went really well and we got a lot done! I don’t think there were any major injuries either which is quite good as well. I have to say, I am quite sore and I think I can say that for everybody but I am so excited to get this house finished tomorrow and bless this amazing family. 

Thank you for reading our blog as well as writing such sweet comments out to the team here. They really help us get through this homesickness. Yes, even the toughest of the team have it. Anyways. Adios! 
center wall of the house



We got back to the base after the build, tired and dirty, dinner was served, and we got a chance to catch our breath from the busy day.  Soon after super, the session began.  More chairs were set out than normal, as all the YWAM staff were invited to hang out with us.  The band was mellow, and the songs they chose, we all knew - the Lord spoke to many of us through that time.  

Michelle, our YWAM leader spoke to us about being brave for Christ, while also submitting to Him!  She pointed out that we needed to understand what happened on the cross - or else we'll just face emptiness.  As she closed for the night, we were interrupted (planned) by the YWAM staff, who dramatically presented the crucifixion.  It gripped us, it made us cry, it made us hug, it drew us all closer to understanding the reality of Jesus' death on the cross.  We watched in silence as our sin burned in the fire - being forgiven.  I can't wait for your students to tell you all the details of the night when we get home!!
ya, the house is pink.  It was supposed to be orange ... but, Elda, loves it!

We closed the night hearing from everyone their highs and lows.  Highs were all about the crucifixion story, as well as the progress we made on the house.  Lows were bruised fingers, low energy, and ripped pants.

Prayer requests for tomorrow:
1.  A unified team to complete the house!!!!
2.  A family who receives it well, and will see that this blessing is from the Lord!
3.  For our few minor injuries to heal and not distract us tomorrow.



painting plywood that will make the trusses

josh d learning to use a skill saw!!


  1. We are praying for strength for you all to continue the awesome work you are doing. Go team!

  2. Hi team! Glad to hear all is well. Praying for you all. Enjoy the rest of your time there. Cannot wait to hear all the stories!! ��

  3. excited to hear how day 2 finishing up the house are all doing such a great job, you are missed at home but your efforts do not go unnoticed...God is at work in you as you work faithfully building this house....blessing this family with so much more than you know and God will in turn bless you far more than you can imagine(just wait and see!!) :) Praying for continued strength and health for your last 2 days there! so glad we can stay updated with this blog and see your daily progress there