Friday, 27 March 2015

March 27, Day 8 :: the Orphanage

Wazzssuppp it's Maddy today.  How exciting!

The girl’s room today woke up at 6:30 to get ready for the day since showering takes extremely long when there are 8 girls that need a shower. After, we went for breakfast which was a scrumptious cereal and yogurt.  Next we had an early bird session, the session was all about bilingual worship (Spanish and English btw), we all could sense Gods presence this morning. For me personally I was not nervous or ashamed to worship without fear. Also we were asked to kneel by the cross and surrender to God to tie in what we need on Wednesday.

After that we went to “Casa de Gracia,” an orphanage, to see the many children (30+). Right away   As usual we were getting really hot because Canadians aren’t use to the weather here, lol. So we decided to have a water balloon fight with everyone. It was a small and wet space but a blast. We said adios and gave many hugs and left the orphanage.
some VBS style songs
the kids were giving us hugs and wanting play with us. Michelle translated how old and what grade each kid was in. We rushed outside to the playground and spent 2 hours face painting, making balloon animals and coloring. And just laughing because, it’s hard to communicate with them. At lunch the team sang the Canadian and American anthem. And the kids sang their anthem (which was so cute).

We had free time and time to dry off, drank scrumptious Frappuccino’s and came and sat down to write this blog that took me and hour, because I got distracted many times, because of our crazy conversations we have. We are off to our second last session.

Maddy Harter
games and fun in their own playground!

we made some new shelves for some of the boys


Following the session, we ended our night around a fire, sharing our highs and lows from the past two days (we didn’t meet last night).  High’s centered around giving the house to the family, and playing with the kids today at the orphanage.  Low’s centered around the fact that tomorrow is our last day, and that many of us are feeling exhausted.

Tomorrow is our last full day here, and it’s going to be a great one.  We’re going back to the ranch to give them some volleyball equipment and to play some games with them.   After, we’ll go to the markets and get some churros, and end up at a beach for the afternoon.  We’re not sure what our evening will look like – but we know it involves packing, and getting ready to head out.

That’s kind of bittersweet – we’re missing our families and our homes, but we love being here.

i just might be too excited about my first balloon animal
It’s been an incredible journey thus far – and our biggest prayer request is for the Lord’s sustaining power to energize us through one more ministry opportunity, and then to give us patience as we begin journey home.


Ps.  my second ‘high’ for the last two days, was learning how to make a balloon-dog.  So very excited about that. 

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  1. Enjoy your last day there...have fun at the beach, relaxing before the long train ride home! sorry, you're probably trying not to think about that!!) :) looking forward to you coming home Madison, we miss you (it was good to talk to you last night) See you soon...