Thursday, 26 March 2015

March 26, Day 7 :: build day #2

Hi everybody! It’s Katie and today you get to hear about our wonderful day from me! How exciting.

As usual, we got an early start and after a nice breakfast we had devotions under the nice, still, and cool Mexican sun. After praying with a partner, we prepared for the day ahead and enjoyed the view of the ocean that is something we all refuse to take for granted- especially when we heard it’s raining back in Abbotsford.

Today was our second day at the build site and we finished the house for the family of four. It was an awesome experience to get to know the family and work together as a team to accomplish this huge task. The house is incredibly cute (its pink and red!) and so is the family because of their generosity and their love for Christ and us even though we are some weird pale strangers from the north. Even though they don’t have much to give, they still ended up making us a delicious and incredibly filling meal of tamales, beans, buns and pasta with plenty of leftovers to send some home with us. We learned so much from them, and continue to do so. Their stories are ones that we will carry with us forever.
the pink house!!!

Painting, painting and then painting some more, we all worked so hard to get the house down for the family, by now the sun isn’t still and cool anymore and the sweat starts flowing. It seemed like it was definitely the hottest day yet here but we still kept on trucking! Elda, the mother fed us well so we could carry on throughout the day.

In the afternoon Kaitlyn, Maritha, and Michelle (YWAM leader) took the family shopping. They got the children some new school uniforms and stalked up on food. Trying to stall, they went for ice cream, though it didn’t really much since we still made them wait down the hill from the house for a while since we weren’t done with the house yet. Rushing around touching up scratches, putting together furniture and doing finished touches was definitely chaotic but exiting knowing the big reveal was coming!

team and family photo!!!
Finally we all stood around in a circle and while passing around the key all said something to the family or anything they felt they wanted to say. It was a touching moment for everybody and special as much for us as the family. I wish you could all see their faces and it was an honor to experience that moment together as a team. After many hugs we had to leave them to their new home. It was a true blessing to live through that moment.

Tacos, quesadillas and some Mexican coke tasted so good after a long, hot day together. Back to the base we get a quiet night off to relax and enjoy just spending time and talking together outside while eating ice cream of course.

Thanks so much for your continuous prayers and support from back home!


the families old house, from the front door (the whole house), bed on the left and in the back right. kitchen on the right, clothing closet (hanging from the ceiling on the left above the bed.)

their new house, from one of the two bedrooms, stove on the left, table on the right.  back door to the right that leads to the front door of their old house.

view of the neighborhood from on top of the roof.
Prayer requests for tomorrow:
1.  Refreshing sleep.
2.  Continual growth in our relationship (we've had phenomenal growth already!!!)
3.  Effective ministry at the Old Folks home and the Orphanage.  (we have no idea what we're doing there tomorrow).


  1. Great looking house! Impressive work, Team.

  2. Amazing work - what a house and what a huge blessing to the family and to the team as you all live through this!

  3. "How exciting" Katie! ;)
    Glad your all having a good time.

  4. WOW, that is awesome!! :) Thank you for sharing Katie! side note: had to when I saw you and Madison in the team/family photo...looks like you 2 really got into your painting, you're covered!! :) Keep up the good work may not know what you're doing tomorrow but God does and it will be Great!