Saturday, 28 March 2015

March 28, Day 9 :: the Ranch and the Beach!


Jewel, Jenelle and Tamara here.  Today was a great day!  After a brief pit stop at Wal-Mart for Volley ball supplies (a couple of balls, and an air pump) toys for the two little kids, and Mexican Coffee and Donuts, we headed back to the Ranch (see day 4).  We were expecting to fix the remainder of the volley ball court, but we did not have the keys for the tool shed.  So, we enjoyed some fellowship over coffee and donuts, and then a game of Volley ball. 

We then traveled to another Taco stand for lunch where all of us TRIED the fish or shrimp tacos, and most of us enjoyed them. 

After lunch we searched through the market for trinkets, treasures, and gifts and then headed to the beach for a few hours - which was awesome!  It was relaxing for those who needed it, a fun horse ride on the beach for two of the leaders,  and wave jumping for those brave enough to conquer the cold water – resulting in sand in very uncomfortable places.

Currently we are waiting for a very special dinner of MORE fresh tacos, churros, and a mariachi band to help celebrate the opening of a new building here on campus. 

We are all sad to leave our new friends here in Mexico, but very excited to come home to share our journeys here with you.

Please pray for a good (albeit VERY short) sleep.  We have to leave the campus here at 3 am.
A SHORT boarder line up
And extra patience on the train


Jewel Haak,
Jenelle VanWerkhoven
Tamara Vaandrager

** sorry no pics on this one - I just want to get to bed.  Alarm will be set for 2.30am........ adam. **

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