Sunday, 15 March 2015

The plan for our trip *by Katie Vanderleek & Maddy Harter

Good Morning! Were gonna tell you a bit about our schedule for the time were are down in San Antonio Del Mar, Mexico and what kind of events we are going to be participating in.

At 1 am on Sunday morning we arrive at the San Diego Train Station after being on the train all day Friday and Saturday. Then we bus across the border and eventually we will arrive at our destination very early in the morning. Thankfully they are letting us sleep in till brunch. It will be a really cool experience to actually go to a Church in Mexico and experience the difference between our cultures and church services.

Every morning we have breakfast at the base and morning devotions that will prepare and encourage us for the day. And in the evening we have a session to dig deeper and reflect on our day.

The Monday will be our first full day in Mexico. In the morning we go to a seniors home and after lunch back at the base our plans will be to go to the House of Grace Orphanage in the afternoon.

The next day we are planning to paint a church for Pastor Victor.

On Wednesday the 25th we are going to head to the build site where we start building the house for the family of four. The father, Victor, has diabetes and cannot work, he has had 12 operations. Elda the mother of the family sells tamales for a living and makes about twelve hundred pesos a week. We looked this up and that is approximately only 100 hundred Canadian dollars. We are excited to build the house for this family because we know it must be hard to support their 2 children, their son victor and their daughter Ivana on small pay.

On Wednesday and Thursday we also work on the house and build our relationships with the family. (Read a little more about the family, including a letter from Victor here : : scroll down to find our team, LIVING HOPE CRC)

On Friday we get the privilege, about a week into the trip, to go to a drug rehab centre called the Ranch. For some of us (or maybe all of us?) it will be a completely new experience and probably a challenging day. Though this may be the case an important part of this trip is to step outside our comfort zone and go through new experiences.

On our last day in Mexico we get to spend the afternoon on the beach, hopefully we can get a bit of a tan! For dinner we are having a barbecue on the beach as one of the leaders at the YWAM base has a house right on the water. A nice end to the crazy reality of missions. At the lovely hour called 3:30 am on Sunday morning we depart the base and head back to the San Diego train station. After hopefully a not so bad line up at the border and a nice venti Starbucks no fat double espresso skim milk, shot of hazelnut, actually with 2% milk, and sprinkles on top, whipped topping -double sleeved, no cup drink we head back home.


Were so incredibly excited for this awesome trip and are thankful for all of your continuous prayers.

Leaving on Friday still doesn’t completely seem like reality but I’m sure it will once we are seeing our team at 4:30 in the morning. Then we’ll see the real side of our leaders.

Thanks so much for your support!  

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