Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Three days away ...

We're now just three short days away.  Everything has been confirmed, and just one more simple task has to be done tomorrow - then we'll be ready to go on Saturday morning!!

Here's a whole list of the youth and leaders who comprise this Mexico team:
Aaron Vanderleek      Alyssa Haak             Amanda Crozier         Anna Van Dorp 
Beth Saathof              Brittany Beukens      Carissa Berger           Charity Dykstra 
Dan Huizing               Hailey McGrail        Joshua Olthius           Kenko Yoshida 
Kevin Lin                   Kristina Schaap        Moira Louw              Mya Coesel 
Neena DeRuiter         Nelson Bullock         Wes Braun


Chantelle Floris         Jocelyn Ratzlaff        Kari Huizing            Richard Ratzlaff 
Rudy Ratzlaff            Tamara Vaandrager   Adam Van Dop
This past Sunday morning, we asked many of you to take a Prayer Tag name home with you - every name was taken.  Thank-you all for your support through prayer.

If you're interested, you can go over to the AMTRAK website and track our trains progress. In the top left, below the image of the conductor, click on "STATUS" - and enter in information from our itinerary.  Don't have that? Go HERE.

If you wish to leave messages for us as a team - you are free to do so.  You can do that in several ways - 1. leave comments below, 2. email Adam

Thanks to you all once again! 

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