Monday, 18 March 2013

Day 1 :: Arrival

Very early this morning we got off our final train in San Diego, and met some of our YWAM staff hosts, and proceeded to collect our luggage and find our vans.  Enter the first 'problem' of the trip. The YWAM staff van, wouldn't start - and we waited for quite a while.  A number of us tried our hand at it, then Rudy said to our other van load of people "you guys pray, we'll push" ...

It started!!

It was an amazing start to our trip, seeing very visible God's hand among us.

We then drove to a church just outside of San Diego - First Baptist Church of Chula Vista - unpacked and slept.  We got up after a relatively decent sleep - it wasn't in chairs, nor was it constantly moving.  Had breakfast, and loaded the vans to head south to the border.  We got through the border without issue, and arrived a the amazing YWAM base (front office and main meeting hall pictured here) with ease.  We got introduced to (and say this with your best kiwi accent) - "Mark from New Zealand" - our speaker for the trip.

We had lunch at a taco stand in Rosarito (pictured left), and returned back to the YWAM base for a game of soccer and a walk to the beach (picture below).  After dinner, we had our first introductory session, where we received the challenge of being "ALL IN" for being open to the Lord's call.

Currently, I am sitting out on a terrace, a nice cool evening with a warm breeze - we are truly blessed to be in this place.

We are getting a pretty good sense that the Lord has something pretty amazing in store for us, and for all those we come into contact with.

Tomorrow, we start building the houses, and go to work at an after-school program.

So - we really can't wait for tomorrow, when we jump in with two feet and get going!!!

Thanks so much for the outpouring of support and prayers.


- continued safe travel as we move about this area
- health and freedom from injury
- team unity on the house builds
- spiritual growth of everyone on the team

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