Sunday, 10 March 2013

Great service this morning ...

Living Hope - we had a tremendous service this morning to send out team off!!
Thank you for the prayers and all the support that you have so blessed our team with.
Thanks goes to Wes and the band (Josh O, Josh F, Beth, Kevin, Aaron, & Moira), you all sounded amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your musical gifts with us!
Thanks also goes to Moira for sharing with the congregation about our trip!! It was awesome to get to meet the families that will receiver the homes that we will be building!!
Thanks to Mitch for helping to hear everything, and to Clarissa who helped us see everything.  Thanks to Pastor Steve who helped in the leading of the service, and to Sandra who put everything together.
Thanks to Jack, Eben, & Tamara for your prayers for our team.
And thanks goes to all of you who are participating in the "prayer tags."  Don't forget that you took one.

And all thanks goes to our God in heaven who has made this trip possible, who leaves us with the challenge (through to story of the rich young man in Mark 10:17-31) of "what is hindering you from being all in with your faith in Christ??"

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