Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 7 :: beach day!

This morning we woke up at the church in Chula Vista, had breakfast and attended the service - where they were celebrating 5 baptisms of new believers!! Pastor Randy then spoke on how Jesus said "blessed are the poor" - he talked about how we are all poor, not just in the sense of our bank accounts or lack thereof - but of being poor in spirit. He said that the blessing flows when we fully realize just how poor we are - how empty we are. It is in that state of mind that we realize out need for God and following his Son!

I learnt that lesson today again - that when we come to the point of admitting our brokenness, blessings follow. I thank The Lord for teaching that to me today.

Following the service, we got lunch, and found our way to Mission Beach. Everyone laughed at us Canadians for wanting to soak up some sun rays - but it appeared that half of California wanted to do the same. The parking lot was jam packed (ask Rudy about his parking adventure), as was the beach. However we still enjoyed an afternoon in the sun.

We stopped for some groceries for the train ride home, cleaned up, and had our final high-low sharing time.

Highs were mainly the relaxing time at the beach after such a long week of none stop service and activity.

Lows were primarily in the idea that my alarm is set for 3.00am and we have two very long days ahead of us.

So that's it - our trip is near over. We've had an amazing time, The Lord has blessed is so richly, The Lord has challenges us all in so many different ways. I really cannot wait for you all to start hearing the stories.

A few prayer requests:
- at this point, 26 people have been living together for 9 days - pray that our final two days moving into even closer quarters will be pleasant and used for times of reminiscing and remembering the good we got to be a part of.
- pray for our trip home, for safety on the train, for our drivers, for the connection in LA and for our bus driver (Bob) who will meet us in Seattle.

Adam Van Dop

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