Friday, 22 March 2013

Day 5 :: Orphanage

Today we got the privilege to be the guests at a local orphanage - to do a variety of things.  We started the day working on their property, and weeding gardens and pathways while the children were still in their school sessions.

Once the sessions were done, some of our group prepared the hot dog lunch for the children and ourselves.  We served them - and they were amazed at the sight of their lunch.  We were told that these children only get to eat meat once a week - if they are lucky.  The children were eating 3 - 4 - even 5 hot dogs each. 

Following lunch, a few cleaned up, giving the few kids who were scheduled to clean a day off - to go play.  And play they did - there were frisbees, jump-rope, basketball, soccer, crafts, coloring ... a little bit of everything - while a few of us kept on attacking those pesky weeds.

We said our good-byes, some of which were hard - because these kids get so little attention, and so few visitors - these visits are really bright days for them.

You might be wondering - "what good comes of the team spending a day at the orphanage?" - Our being there as a team - gives YWAM a reason to be there, and allows them to build a relationship with this orphanage, and allows the YWAM staff to connect with the leadership ans support them and their needs as they seek to raise children in a christian 'home.' 

We returned to the base, had a chance to breath and relax before dinner - had dinner, and then joined together for our night session.  In this session, our speaker shared about our need to be listening to God's voice, and to be seeking understanding from him for our lives.  We were encouraged to sit in silence and ask the Lord to speak to us, and to pray for each others needs when we felt lead to do so.  Students prayed for students, and leaders for students.  It was an amazing night of many feeling the Lord speak to them in different ways.

We concluded the night with forgoing our usual high-low routine, allowing for some very needed free time, while us leaders met and prayed for our day tomorrow.

It was a great day today, however it being our last full day here in Mexico.  This time has gone by quickly, perhaps all to quickly.  Many youth feel as through they want to stay longer, come back again, or just plain never leave (and others wishing they could take some of the kids home with them...). 

I can't wait for you all to actually hear of individual stories and reflections.


ps.  I'm going to leave you with this view of the sunset tonight, a view from the front steps of the main building at the base.  We're truly blessed to have called this home for the past 5 days.

Prayer Requests:
- Tomorrow, we start our journey home, first by making our way off the base, and across the border back into the US.  Where we'll stay at a church for the night, worship with them on Sunday, and follow that with a relaxing day before getting on the train on Monday morning.  Pray for a speedy border line, and a friendly/understanding/sympathetic border guard.
- Tomorrow, we have our final tasks here.  We are going a local school to complete a series of work projects, before packing up.  Pray that our work will be meaningful to the existing relationship between this school and YWAM.

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Just letting you know that we are praying for you as you start making your way home. Was listening to the radio and heard Chris Tomlin's new song, "Whom should I fear" and thought of you. "I know you goes before me, I know who stands behind, the God of angel armies is always by my side." Looking forward to hearing all your highs and lows.
    Gord and Diane Vanderveen