Saturday, 23 March 2013

Day 6 :: School service projects and leaving

Today was a hard day to wake up to, we all knew it was the last. 

We has an opportunity to go support a local school whose students were made up of orphan girls.  We again pulled weeds, and planted shrubs, build a fence, and pulled more weeds.  We were able to help make their school more pleasant - work that would have taken the caretakers weeks to complete.  One of the amazing things, was that we got to spend time with a missionary that we worked with in San Diego in 2011!!! Neither of us had any idea that our meeting there at the school would take place.
Our day there came to an end, we got more taco's, and churros, and returned to the base camp to pack up and clean up.

That was sad - it always is

We got our final team photo, shook hands, gave hugs with our staff - and loaded the vans, and pointed north - heading for the busiest border crossing in the world.  After a series of interesting maneuvers and a bump here and there - we got into the line up at 4.45pm.  Where we were met with a barrage of people selling their wares and beggars looking for some spare change.

Around one corner, and around another, over a bridge, and around another corner - 3.5 hours later, we sat at the crossing.  All passed through without issue, while out luggage van got sent for inspection.

We got back to the church here in Chula Vista, went for dinner, and returned to our luggage - set up our rooms, and shut the lights off.

This truly has been an impacting trip.  The Lord has tugged hard on so many hearts, and has begun new work in them.  I have had conversation after conversation about understanding the voice of God and about reconciling past hurt. 

Can you all continue to pray that we will all be able to fully digest what all has happened here, and come to a firm understanding of just how exactly the Lord has been at work.

Tomorrow, we worship here at the church, and will head to the beach to enjoy some freedom before getting on the train on Monday morning.

Thanks all for your continued support and prayer! - none of this would be possible without any of that!!!


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