Friday, 17 March 2017

DAY 7 | elderly club, markets, and beach

So, today has arrived.  It's the last day of our trip, we're starting our way home tomorrow morning - getting in a bus at 2.45am.  That's just not cool.

Today though, is really the day that I've been looking forward to.  

It's weird to say that - but hear me out.

On the last night's of our trips, we spend some extra time debriefing our week - chatting about what we've done, where we went, and what God was teaching us.  

I challenged the team to spend 45minutes, on their own, writing out what they did all week, and in doing that - looking at what God allowed them to experience.  Then, they were to read some scripture.  Anything.   Just as long as they read it with their experiences of the last week in mind.  

And so we did just that. 

We came back together, and talked about the exercise, and the value of carving out time for reading God's word, and reflecting upon our lives.  Most came back saying that we didn't get enough time!!  I invited a few students to share about their time in scripture, asking them what God was teaching them through it.

The responses were fantastic - I wish I could remember them all.

We heard about enjoyment in reading scriptures.  One student told us about how much they've read the bible, but tonight, was one of the first times they took joy in it.  Another student had a similar experience, identifying a new closeness through it to God.

Another student talked about how they found themselves living in the fruits of the Spirit.

Another student told us about difficult times in life, and overcoming them through Christ.  

The Lord did so much more in us, and He used this time to draw us closer to Him - all the while using us to bless many others.  I can't wait for you all to hear more personally the stories of our whole trip!  

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to take your students on trips like this.  It's a real joy to see so much growth in them.  Thanks for entrusting them to me, and our leadership team. 

2.45am is coming.  


My 2.15am alarm, even quicker.  

Check back to see about our travel.


Here's a few pics...

First thing this morning, we went to an "elderly club" - And I taught this guy a really simple solitaire-type card game.  I would tell you his name, but even our translator had a hard time with it.  We played the game for the entire time we were there.  I told him we weren't going to leave until we beat the game.  The AMAZING part was that when we were told it was time to go, we had just started another game - and we BEAT THE GAME!!!!! The third time in my life that I had beat it!!! He was so overjoyed - and as was I.  

Our typical team on the beach pic.  This time, no silhouette.  
It's been pretty foggy here on the coast.  

And of course, you gotta try the jump pic.

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