Friday, 17 March 2017

DAY 6 | build day #2, is this a dream?

Today was our second day building the house, which we finished and presented to the family.

We started off our day with a flat tire on one of the trucks (still at the base), but once the truck was replaced we were on our way!

We arrived at the build site, and picked up right where we left off. We completed the roof, the trim, the door, the electrical and touched up on the paint. While some of our group and some of the YWAM staff went to Walmart with the family to shop with them, as the team on site assembled chairs, the table, and the bunk bed for a surprise when the family returned.

I had a chance to talk to the mom, and her son, while she also translated to her husband over lunch. She told me her husbands occupation is maintenance for construction companies while she stays at home with their two kids. However the dad sometimes doesn't have full time work and when that is the case, mom collects used clothing and accessories to sell. Typically on an average day they make about $6-8 dollars a day. It makes it very difficult to provide for a family of four. 

They had two small shelters and one was taken down so that the new house could be built, however judging by the size of the shelter still standing, I am pretty sure they divided their family and every night had two people in one shelter and the other two in the other. Buying land isn't too expensive the mom was telling me, however it's building a house that is. Mom explained a bit of the process of applying for the house. She said they waited two months from the point of approval to having their home built.

Today that dream became a reality.

While shopping, their son kept saying “is this a dream?” And once they returned from Walmart with all their groceries and toys for the kids, they arrived to see their finished home where we gathered around to dedicate the house, presenting them with a bible and a plaque. Each person had a chance to hold the keys to the house while saying a blessing as our translator helped communicate to the father and daughter. Many tears were shed, and at the end of the day, around the fire, most of our team agreed it was the most impacting part of the day.

Once we all got a chance to say something, the keys were given to the family and they took their first steps into their home. The kids jumped on their beds and played with their toys while one of the staff members showed mom how to use her stove.

We eventually said some hard good byes and mom told me this was the first house she's helped built, and on top of the volunteer work she already does, she wants to continue making homes for those in their community.

So much thankfulness was expressed from both the family and from the team for the incredible experience and the blessing of a new safe and functional home. The first thing the dad said after presenting the house was “first of all I want to thank God”. That really shows that this isn't something we did, but something that God has done. Through all of us we have been blessed and the Lord our God glorified.

Tired and bruised with blisters and sunburns, we left the site feeling that all that hard work was 110% worth it.

Thank you to all those who have supported this project through finances, prayers and more for both our team and the family. We couldn't have done this with out you! May the Lord our God be praised.

Alicia Zak

Here's a few pics.

And no, little guy - this isn't a dream.  You have only a house to live in, but a HOME to grow up in!

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  1. Well done, Team! We are impressed with what you have accomplished. God is good!