Thursday, 9 March 2017

Crossed the border.

Not everything is easy.

Border crossings have some elements of headaches.  And this morning, we had a headache.  A re-application for US entry for one student.  And as things looked like it was about to get worse, the guard announced approval!

We'll tell you more about that later.

For now, its about getting to Seattle on time.  

If you're awake and reading this at 6am, would you ask the Lord to provide quick passage to Seattle? Because the train doesn't wait.

Either way, we are excited to be on our way!!


  1. We've been praying all morning. The Lord goes before you and is surprised by nothing. Revel in the fact that He holds you in His hand.

  2. Just the fact that there are no desperate cries for help on the blog now tells us that you have made it safely to the train. Praise the Lord for His answers. We continue to cover you in prayer.

  3. They made it to the train with about 20 minutes to spare!