Saturday, 11 March 2017

DAY 1 | orientation & mexican youth

Well, we've completed our first day here in Mexico.  

It's weird, because we just arrived here this morning at 2.10am.  It's not yet been 24 hours. 

Our day started out with getting some much needed sleep.  Most slept past 9am.  All were up by 10am.  *I know, some of you parents are shocked that they were up so early on a Saturday ...  there might have been motivation on the part of getting a turn in the shower, and to make it for brunch.  

Brunch, our first *real* meal since the ones we had with our families on Wednesday night.  The food here is pretty great, homestyle.  Here we began mingling with our YWAM leaders, Brecken, Katie, Son (that's the way it's pronounced, but have no idea how to spell it.  He's Haitian) & a few others.  

Following that, we met in our meeting space, and officially were all introduced to each other - everyone taking the front of the stage to say who we were, and what we expected to see happen on this trip.  Son, said something that struck many of us.  He expected to learn something unique from each of us, as he said each one of us has something special and unique within us to teach him.  What a great perspective!  

What we continued to hear from our students of their expectations was a desire to deepen their relationships with God.  Would you continue to pray that would happen?

We then went through some material, learning about cultural expectations here, and chatted a little about what evangelism looks like, and how we can develop some of those skills - not just here, but at home as well.  

Then, my most favourite thing of ALL TIME - VBS songs & actions practice - *to be read as sarcastic.  We went through 4 songs, not learning super intricate choreography - the movements had some falling down in laughter, and had others tripping over chairs.  What was neat to see, was every one of us (myself included) running through the actions.  

Then TACOS.  There's just much delight in real, proper, artfully made Tacos.  You'll just have to come to experience.  

Our last stop of the day, was visiting a ministry that YWAM has started in Tijuana, called "illumina" - it's multiple church youth groups meeting together once a month, doing ministry together.  We were a little nervous/apprehensive about going, but after, there was no regrets.  What we saw, was our God being worshipped by a people none of us have met, or could understand, or perhaps would never see again.  That was just really special to witness.  It's spiritually nourishing to know that God is worshipped elsewhere, we know it happens, as we know that God isn't just worshipped in Abbotsford - it was just great to participate in.  

Everything was in Spanish, the message included.  Some of us were fortunate to enjoy translation by nearby YWAM staff.  We, who could understand, were left with the challenge to be a world changing people.  To live differently to affect those around us.  Seems to be a bit of a theme ...

We got back to the base, found a fire pit, and sat around it talking about our day.  Remembering our high's and lo's.  

Tomorrow is coming, and rest is needed. 

I ask for prayer,
- A good nights rest.  We're still recovering from the travel.
- For spiritually clear minds tomorrow, as we attend a local church, and visit an orphanage.  We keep hearing the challenge to hear God's voice, and to listen to what He is saying to us.

& good night.


Our view from the base this morning before brunch.

Our meeting space.
It's a new space for teams like ours to run our sessions in, we're the first group to use it!

The Mexican Youth night - "Illumina" 

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