Wednesday, 15 March 2017

DAY 5 | build day #1

The big day. 

The day many of came just for. 

The day we began the project: the house. 

It came with some good moments (stapling the tar paper on the roof, more fun than it sounds), and some bad (getting a finger stuck in a wall, just as bad as it sounds).

We arrived on the build site in an impoverished neighbourhood, on a hill filled with makeshift and more permanent-looking homes and buildings. After a prayer over the site, and a chance to meet the family, we were divided into different teams (framing, roof, & paint).  

We pushed through various levels of pain, to finish framing the walls (which we raised after lunch), painting every surface, and building the trusses. We all had a job, we a knew what to do. Soon the trusses were put in place, then the drywall installed. 

By the time the tar paper on the rood and drywall was hung, it was time to close the day, and return to the YWAM base. After we had finished for the day, the building looks like a house, with windows, most of a roof, and dry walling. 

There's still much to do, but we have a full day to do it. Stay tuned.

Lane Spyksma.

Here's some pics of our day -

At the beginning of a build, we always gather on the concrete pad, to say a prayer over the job, the family, and our day.  On left, is Jo - our "A-Builder" (i.e. boss).  On the right is Eduardo, our translator.  Marybel, the mother in the family is three people in from the left.

Here we are, tilting up the first wall.  Always a highlight of any house being built.   

A view I had while I (adam) was working on placing the trusses.

Sorry, I totally forgot to take a pic of the house at the end of the day ... so you'll just have to wait to see the finished job tomorrow night!!

Thanks all who are reading this BLOG, we're getting around 250+ hits per post, from all around the world.  That's been pretty encouraging.  

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