Tuesday, 21 February 2017

It's so close.

In just a little over two and a half weeks - we're out of here.  We've raised all the funds we need, plus more.  We've had all the training meetings that can prepare us the best we can.  We just now need to be covered in prayer, and be sent.

And we're going to do that on March 5th, at our 10.00am service at Living Hope.

You're invited to come, and to join with our church in sending our team.  I hope you can come!

Then following that day, on Thursday, March 9th, at 4.00am, we'll gather for the last time, and load up on a bus and begin our journey south.

We're pretty stoked about that.

We ask for prayer through it all ...
- for safety - We're travelling a long ways, and going into an unsettled region, and then travelling back.  There's a lot that can go wrong - but we pray that the Lord would continue to bless this trip as He already has, and grant us the safety and security we need to complete the trip, and return home.

- for unity - We're an odd bunch, we're a group of 17 students, and 6 adults.  You might not see us all gathered outside of this trip.  We've grown as a community already, and we're growing in trust with one another - but we're all still human, and can easily be distracted along the way, which can easily derail the point of the trip.  We need to get along.

- for effectiveness - We long in our own hearts to grow closer to the Lord through all this, but more than that, we long for others to have what we have - Christ in us.  So, we pray that through the combined efforts, that souls will sense the Lord's pulling, and would respond to the Holy Spirit's call upon their lives.

Could you do that?
Could you commit to praying those prayers daily as we go about this trip? (mar 9-19)

I hope you can.


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