Monday, 25 July 2016

The Team has FORMED!

The youth on our team are:
Caleb Saathof 
Lane Spyksma
Zachary Groenwold
Kyle Vaandrager
Reagan VanBelle
Jenelle Vanwerkhoven
Lucas Vaandrager 
Lucy Chuang
Cassie Brandsma
Joshua Dykstra
Jewel Haak
Miriam Schriefers
Justin Berger 
Jae-Lynn Berger 
Miku DeRuiter
Dana Timmer 
Andrew Vanderleek

Who will be lead by:
Rudy Ratzlaff 
Jocelyn Ratzlaff 
Alicia Zak 
Carissa Berger  
Ethan Saathof 
& Myself

I am absolutely delighted to be working with such a great group of youth, and an outstanding group of adult leaders.  These really are amazing trips, and lives, both in Mexico and here, are impacted for eternity - all for the glory of our God.

Please be in prayer for the individuals on this team, for their hearts to grow towards the Lords, for spiritual growth, for a willingness to follow the Spirit, and for financial obligations that come with such a commitment to the team.

Please also be in prayer for our leaders, as they give up a fair bit to be a part of this team.  Pray for openness among their employers, for personal clarity, spiritual maturity, and for openness to the Spirit's guidance.

May the Lord's name be praised, and glorified through this team, and May His Kingdom expand here on earth, both in Tijuana/San Antonio Del Mar, and here in Abbotsford!


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